Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder

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Mood swings are very common, and these can be caused by a lot of factors. It may be due to hormonal fluctuations or because of environmental contributors. However, if you are suffering from bipolar disorder, then you will experience more intense mood swings that can disrupt your daily life and affect your job or school performance. That being said, seeking medical attention as soon as you notice the symptoms is highly advised. Early treatment will help to efficiently manage the symptoms of the condition while mitigating the frequency or manic-depressive attacks.

Despite the fact that this kind of mental condition is very much treatable, many are not aware that they are afflicted by the disease. And because of this, they are not able to get the proper treatment which can cause the symptoms to worsen over time. That being said, recognizing the warning signs and knowing how to spot the symptoms of bipolar disorder is basically the key to effectively manage it.

Also known as Manic Depression, Bipolar disorder causes the afflicted individual to have serious shift in moods that can interfere with one’s ability to function normally. The length of bipolar disorder cycle varies from person to person. It can last for a day, week, or even up to a month. Until this day, the main cause of this mental condition is still not understood but researches showed that it can be linked to genetic factors.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder vary greatly from one patient to the other. Some people are more prone in experiencing mania while others experience depression. There are also those that experience both manic and depressive episodes alternately or at the same time.

During the manic phase of the bipolar disorder, the patient will have heightened energy levels and will have feelings of euphoria. Patients will also become hyperactive and will feel that they are invincible. Because of this, there is a big tendency that a patient in a manic state can spiral out of control since they tend to behave recklessly and make impulsive decisions. Some will pick fights, lash out their frustrations to others, make bad judgment calls, or even become delusional.

Some of the common warning signs that a bipolar patient is having a manic episode include:
•    Grandiose beliefs of having super powers
•    Racing thoughts and talking fast
•    Lack of concentration and always distracted
•    Impulsive and impaired judgment

Meanwhile a patient experiencing bipolar depression is often irritable, have unpredictable mood, and tends to sleep a lot. Patient having a depressive episode can also develop psychotic depression, which is a mental condition wherein the afflicted has lost contact to reality thereby greatly affecting daily function.

Symptoms to look out for indicating an episode of bipolar depression include:
•    Loss of energy and inability to experience pleasure
•    Mental and physical sluggishness
•    Feeling of worthlessness, hopelessness, emptiness and sadness
•    Sleeping problems
•    Suicidal ideation

It is also possible that a patient will experience manic and depressive states at the same time. Since combining both symptoms can increase the likeliness of suicide, you have to be wary of the warning signs which include a high burst of energy that suddenly shift to low moods. This can be accompanied by anxiety, irritability, racing thoughts, insomnia, and extreme distractibility.

Be sure to seek the help of a great mental health doctor so the condition won’t progress and the symptoms will be managed effectively through proper treatments which will likely include the combination of medication and therapies.

Acne is a skin condition that affects many people throughout the world. This physical problem can cause many emotional scars as well. There are many products on the market today that promise to help resolve this problem, but are there any effective home remedies for acne out there? Yes there are. This is the subject of this post.

1) Why not try a honey mask? It is one of the most basic home remedies for acne out there.  Honey has many antibacterial properties and it is great for healing mild skin blemishes. It is gentle on sensitive skin, so you can try applying a facial honey mask once or twice a week.

2) Sulfur-based soaps is another one of those acne home remedies that is popular.  They are available over-the-counter these days.  You should wash your face with it twice a day, when you get up in the morning, and just before you go to bed at night. Dont scrub your face too hard as this can product sebum, thereby increasing acne.

3) If you want to know how to get rid of acne naturally then keep your hair off your face! Hair contains tons of oil, and this will contribute to your acne problems. If you wash your hair on a regular basis it will be less oily, and this oil will not end up on your face.

4) Acne can often be a sign that something is wrong internally. A good multivitamin can provide your body with much needed nutrition. Your skin depends on nutrition, and if it does not get it, it can fight back by producing excessive sebum.

5) Chromium is well-known in the world of weight loss diets, but did you know that it is also excellent for healing skin infections? Taking a chromium supplement once a day can help to ensure that your pimples heal more quickly.

6) Carrots is one of those home remedies for pimples that many people overlook. Loaded with beta-carotene and vitamin A, they help to strengthen the protective layer of the skin. A deficiency in vitamin A can actually cause acne! Grab some carrot juice or munch on a few carrotsyour skin will love you for it.

7) If at all possible, avoid wearing makeup. This is one of those natural acne remedies that has taken the test of time.  Oily makeup products help to contribute to clogged pores, and this will result in more blackheads and pimples on your skin.

8) If you have to use makeup, try a water-based product. While it can be very tempting to squeeze or pick your pimples and blackheads, should avoid the temptation. This act will increase the sebum production, leading to more acne.

9) Wash your pillow case every other day. Many people dont realize that your pillow case absorbs all the oils from your face and skin. When you take a nap or go to bed, it will reapply these oils to your face.

10) Zinc is an antibacterial agent and is required by the oil-producing glands of the skin. Foods that are rich in zinc can help prevent acne breakouts.

So in conclusion, there are a number of home remedies for acne out there. We hope that you found this post informative and helpful. All the best!

What Are The Causes Of Stress?

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People suffer from stress because of circumstances around them. Most of the patients who goes to see a doctor for a medical check up, suffers from stress. Stress causes high blood pressure, blood sugar and hyper tension.

Stress can cause many problems, due to stress: person becomes absent minded and ends up meeting with accident on roads. It might bring end to a relationship between husband and a wife. It also leads to fight within the family.

Now, let us discuss the main causes of stress:

Financial issue: This is the most common reason for stress in recent times. Due to shortage of money many people are deprived of many things. They end up borrowing money from money lenders and the amount of debt increases day to day and cause huge stress and anxiety amongst people.

Stress in our office or workplace: There are sometimes huge amount of stress in our workplace, there might be several targets to achieve at the end of the month or week, people fear failing to achieve those targets and put a lot of stress on them.

Stress in relationships: There are stresses in marital relationships; spouses quarrel with each other for various reasons. There are stresses regarding other family matter as well, when someone in our family falls extremely sick, we certainly do feel stressed out.

Health related issues: High blood pressure patients and person suffering from diabetes and poor vision also suffers from stress.

Stress can also be caused by several other reasons as well; any kind of threats given to any person causes an enormous amount of stress. It could be a threat of killing a person, it could be a threat on financial grounds and it could be a threat under our social aspect as well.

Due to threats we fear a lot and that invariably adds more stress on us.

Stress can also be caused when we change our jobs, school or locality as we have to adjust to the new conditions, situations or environment. It does put stress on us indeed. Stress can also be caused if we sleep less and also due to our weird working hours.

When someone in our family or a very close friend of us expires or our relatives, it certainly leaves us with a lot of stress. People suffering from any prolonged disease or if any one suffers from any sexual dysfunction disease, also suffers from a lot of stress. People who are unemployed can easily feel the stress if they do not get a good job quickly.

What Causes Tonsil Stones

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Are you wondering what causes tonsil stones? If so you may need look no further than your breath.

Your bad breath is caused from excess sulfur being produced in your mouth.

This sulfuric compounds are a result of a bacterial infection or an over growth of bacteria in the mouth. Halitosis or bad breath has been shown to be caused by this same bacteria which is also the problem in what causes tonsil stones

If you are afflicted with bouts of recurrent pain when swallowing food or if you suffer from continuing horribly bad breath, then you might likely be suffering from tonsilloliths or tonsil stones symptoms.

Tonsil stones are formed in the folds in the back of your throat, or on your tonsils, and are made up of minerals such as calcium as well as food particles.

The tonsil stones symptoms can include trouble swallowing, painful swallowing, pain in the ears, sudden fits of coughing (not related to pulmonary issues), a noticeable tightening of the throat, and persistent halitosis or bad breath. The sudden fits of coughing come from the body’s attempt to remove the stone by forceful movement in the throat area.

Taking one look at tonsil stones pictures will tell you why!

If you have been diagnosed with tonsil stones you may be wanting to the best treatment for tonsil stones and perhaps a treatment without the pain and expense of surgery?

Have you noticed all of the symptoms associated with tonsil stones involve some kind of reaction of the body to the stones themselves? This tells us that removing tonsil stones may not prevent them from coming back unless you address the real causes with a permanent tonsil stones treatment. I will come back to how you can do that.

Due to what causes tonsil stones, the best way to remove them really comes down to the size of the stone.

If the stone is only a few hundred milligrams in weight, you may be able to just ignore it for the time being.

Most individuals have some level of tonsil stones growth and usually do not complain of any pain or discomfort.

However, most sufferers complain of the severe bad breath and recurrent throat and tonsil infections. And it is always recommended that you see your doctor on those occasions.

If your tonsil stones are very small and not causing issues like infection, you may try gargling warm salt water.

This may actually help to reduce swelling and the salt serves as a natural anti-biotic.

Some tonsil stone sufferers are also successful at removing the offending stones on their own, without a doctor’s help, using a long cotton swab.

Be aware, however, that both of these methods are viewed as only a temporary remedy.

Again, what causes tonsil stones is an overgrowth of bacteria in the mouth.

The bacteria (and tonsil stones) can come back after treatment without making the right changes to removing tonsil stones permanently.

There are some really good natural and permanent ways how to prevent tonsil stones from coming back. There are numerous dietary tips that can help. By eating certain foods, you can not only reduce the size of the stones but also keep them from coming back. Your local library or the internet may have some of that information for free.

Gout attacks are usually eased with the help of anti-inflammatory painkillers. Allopurinol and Vitamin C supplements also help keep gout under control. Risk of having gout attacks can also be mitigated by leading a healthy lifestyle. When there is inadvertent swelling in the joints accompanied by severe pain, it could be because of gout. It is important to treat gout with prescription medications and lifestyle changes.

Gout resembles arthritis in its symptoms and causes a lot of pain in the joints. Uric acid, a chemical in the blood in excess causes gout. Usually our body expels extra uric acid from the body through urine. Though harmless in low quantities, uric acid could cause gout when it accumulates due to inability of kidneys to send it out. Uric acid crystals may form when uric acid accumulates. The grit-like crystals causes joint pain, swelling and inflammation.

In some people, even though the uric acid level is high, there is no formation of crystals and therefore no gout symptoms. It however goes without saying that when uric acid amount in the blood is more, there are greater chances of developing gout in which case you may have to reach out for an effective gout solution.

One in 200 adults is affected by gout, more men than women. Most men are attacked by gout usually by middle age and in some in the younger years. Gout runs in certain families where it can be controlled with medications if detected and treated on time.

Gout attacks can last for a few hours or even days if severe. Pain is usually in one particular joint mostly in the big toe. This can be life debilitating and extremely painful. In some, more than one joint is a victim of gout attack. If left untreated, gout can last for weeks.

Recurring attacks of gout can lead to damage of joints though this is very uncommon. In extreme gout that is not treated for a long time, uric acid crystals can form kidney stones and may even cause kidney damage.