Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder

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Mood swings are very common, and these can be caused by a lot of factors. It may be due to hormonal fluctuations or because of environmental contributors. However, if you are suffering from bipolar disorder, then you will experience more intense mood swings that can disrupt your daily life and affect your job or school performance. That being said, seeking medical attention as soon as you notice the symptoms is highly advised. Early treatment will help to efficiently manage the symptoms of the condition while mitigating the frequency or manic-depressive attacks.

Despite the fact that this kind of mental condition is very much treatable, many are not aware that they are afflicted by the disease. And because of this, they are not able to get the proper treatment which can cause the symptoms to worsen over time. That being said, recognizing the warning signs and knowing how to spot the symptoms of bipolar disorder is basically the key to effectively manage it.

Also known as Manic Depression, Bipolar disorder causes the afflicted individual to have serious shift in moods that can interfere with one’s ability to function normally. The length of bipolar disorder cycle varies from person to person. It can last for a day, week, or even up to a month. Until this day, the main cause of this mental condition is still not understood but researches showed that it can be linked to genetic factors.

Symptoms of bipolar disorder vary greatly from one patient to the other. Some people are more prone in experiencing mania while others experience depression. There are also those that experience both manic and depressive episodes alternately or at the same time.

During the manic phase of the bipolar disorder, the patient will have heightened energy levels and will have feelings of euphoria. Patients will also become hyperactive and will feel that they are invincible. Because of this, there is a big tendency that a patient in a manic state can spiral out of control since they tend to behave recklessly and make impulsive decisions. Some will pick fights, lash out their frustrations to others, make bad judgment calls, or even become delusional.

Some of the common warning signs that a bipolar patient is having a manic episode include:
•    Grandiose beliefs of having super powers
•    Racing thoughts and talking fast
•    Lack of concentration and always distracted
•    Impulsive and impaired judgment

Meanwhile a patient experiencing bipolar depression is often irritable, have unpredictable mood, and tends to sleep a lot. Patient having a depressive episode can also develop psychotic depression, which is a mental condition wherein the afflicted has lost contact to reality thereby greatly affecting daily function.

Symptoms to look out for indicating an episode of bipolar depression include:
•    Loss of energy and inability to experience pleasure
•    Mental and physical sluggishness
•    Feeling of worthlessness, hopelessness, emptiness and sadness
•    Sleeping problems
•    Suicidal ideation

It is also possible that a patient will experience manic and depressive states at the same time. Since combining both symptoms can increase the likeliness of suicide, you have to be wary of the warning signs which include a high burst of energy that suddenly shift to low moods. This can be accompanied by anxiety, irritability, racing thoughts, insomnia, and extreme distractibility.

Be sure to seek the help of a great mental health doctor so the condition won’t progress and the symptoms will be managed effectively through proper treatments which will likely include the combination of medication and therapies.

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