What Are The Causes Of Stress?

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People suffer from stress because of circumstances around them. Most of the patients who goes to see a doctor for a medical check up, suffers from stress. Stress causes high blood pressure, blood sugar and hyper tension.

Stress can cause many problems, due to stress: person becomes absent minded and ends up meeting with accident on roads. It might bring end to a relationship between husband and a wife. It also leads to fight within the family.

Now, let us discuss the main causes of stress:

Financial issue: This is the most common reason for stress in recent times. Due to shortage of money many people are deprived of many things. They end up borrowing money from money lenders and the amount of debt increases day to day and cause huge stress and anxiety amongst people.

Stress in our office or workplace: There are sometimes huge amount of stress in our workplace, there might be several targets to achieve at the end of the month or week, people fear failing to achieve those targets and put a lot of stress on them.

Stress in relationships: There are stresses in marital relationships; spouses quarrel with each other for various reasons. There are stresses regarding other family matter as well, when someone in our family falls extremely sick, we certainly do feel stressed out.

Health related issues: High blood pressure patients and person suffering from diabetes and poor vision also suffers from stress.

Stress can also be caused by several other reasons as well; any kind of threats given to any person causes an enormous amount of stress. It could be a threat of killing a person, it could be a threat on financial grounds and it could be a threat under our social aspect as well.

Due to threats we fear a lot and that invariably adds more stress on us.

Stress can also be caused when we change our jobs, school or locality as we have to adjust to the new conditions, situations or environment. It does put stress on us indeed. Stress can also be caused if we sleep less and also due to our weird working hours.

When someone in our family or a very close friend of us expires or our relatives, it certainly leaves us with a lot of stress. People suffering from any prolonged disease or if any one suffers from any sexual dysfunction disease, also suffers from a lot of stress. People who are unemployed can easily feel the stress if they do not get a good job quickly.

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