What Causes Tonsil Stones

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Are you wondering what causes tonsil stones? If so you may need look no further than your breath.

Your bad breath is caused from excess sulfur being produced in your mouth.

This sulfuric compounds are a result of a bacterial infection or an over growth of bacteria in the mouth. Halitosis or bad breath has been shown to be caused by this same bacteria which is also the problem in what causes tonsil stones

If you are afflicted with bouts of recurrent pain when swallowing food or if you suffer from continuing horribly bad breath, then you might likely be suffering from tonsilloliths or tonsil stones symptoms.

Tonsil stones are formed in the folds in the back of your throat, or on your tonsils, and are made up of minerals such as calcium as well as food particles.

The tonsil stones symptoms can include trouble swallowing, painful swallowing, pain in the ears, sudden fits of coughing (not related to pulmonary issues), a noticeable tightening of the throat, and persistent halitosis or bad breath. The sudden fits of coughing come from the body’s attempt to remove the stone by forceful movement in the throat area.

Taking one look at tonsil stones pictures will tell you why!

If you have been diagnosed with tonsil stones you may be wanting to the best treatment for tonsil stones and perhaps a treatment without the pain and expense of surgery?

Have you noticed all of the symptoms associated with tonsil stones involve some kind of reaction of the body to the stones themselves? This tells us that removing tonsil stones may not prevent them from coming back unless you address the real causes with a permanent tonsil stones treatment. I will come back to how you can do that.

Due to what causes tonsil stones, the best way to remove them really comes down to the size of the stone.

If the stone is only a few hundred milligrams in weight, you may be able to just ignore it for the time being.

Most individuals have some level of tonsil stones growth and usually do not complain of any pain or discomfort.

However, most sufferers complain of the severe bad breath and recurrent throat and tonsil infections. And it is always recommended that you see your doctor on those occasions.

If your tonsil stones are very small and not causing issues like infection, you may try gargling warm salt water.

This may actually help to reduce swelling and the salt serves as a natural anti-biotic.

Some tonsil stone sufferers are also successful at removing the offending stones on their own, without a doctor’s help, using a long cotton swab.

Be aware, however, that both of these methods are viewed as only a temporary remedy.

Again, what causes tonsil stones is an overgrowth of bacteria in the mouth.

The bacteria (and tonsil stones) can come back after treatment without making the right changes to removing tonsil stones permanently.

There are some really good natural and permanent ways how to prevent tonsil stones from coming back. There are numerous dietary tips that can help. By eating certain foods, you can not only reduce the size of the stones but also keep them from coming back. Your local library or the internet may have some of that information for free.

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